About me

I have been uploading pictures on this blog,
but I decided to write about my personal things from this time...
because I believe what makes people interesting and intererested comes from inside of them and I want my readers to be interested in me through this blog.
I apologize for my poor English and writing skill in advance.
How I have been approaching to my dream is interesting...
Although I was not a girly girl, I have been always longing to work in the fashion industry since I was a little.
I started to be really interested in fashion when I studied for a year in New Zealand.  I was 17.
The place I lived was really rural...  I saw sheep and horses everywhere.
But my host family took me to a big city once in two weeks and I always enjoyed shopping.
New Zealand

Then I came back to Japan to finish high school.
When I was thinking of which school to go next after high school,
I met a student who graduated from my school and was living in the U.S. to pursue her dream of being a musician.  We did not really talk alone, but it was a huge impact on me to see someone living in a foreign country.  (I did that too but it was still courageous for me to do that again.)
Another thing was that I watched a movie "The Devil Wears PRADA."  I became interested in being an editor of a fashion magazine since then.
Then I tried to tell my parents that I want to go to a fashion school in Tokyo.  Expectedly,they said "NO WAY."
Then I chose my university which provides all lectures in English and requires every student to study abroad for a year.  Unlike my desire of living in a big city, the school is located in a forest in Akita where is in the northern part of Japan.  However, I kept growing my heart for fashion.  I bought numerous number of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and fashion magazines...
Before I went to Seoul for one-year study abroad, my parents came to Akita and helped me move.  They saw my numerous fashion stuff and realized that I do love fashion and want to work in the fashion industry.
I realy enjoyed shopping in Seoul.  Everything looked pretty to me and prices were much cheaper than Japanese prices.
Importantly, I met a guy from San Francisco in Seoul who is another influential person to me in my life.  He was traveling Asia with his friend and we became a couple when I followed him to SF.  There is a long story about us, but I have to skip it here sadly...  Anyway, I stayed with him over two months in SF, which was my first visit to the States.
Hong Dae, Seoul
San Francisco
It was really hard for me to focus on study back in Seoul to finish the second semester.
At the end of my study abroad, I decided to do a fashion internship in New York for 2 months.  And I got a job!  I still remeber how much I was excited to live in NYC.  I was fantacised by movies and dramas.
I worked at a Japanese high-end flip-flop company in Manhattan.  I was in charge of production and shipping.  I enjoyed the work but it was a little tough for me to do the same routine.  I also had to consider the fact that many fashion people cannot earn good money even though they have fashion degrees.  But it still gave me a great opportunity to imagine myself working in the fashion industry in the future. 
New York City
The Brooklyn Bridge

It was a huge change for me to have met the boss I worked for.  She is Japanese who enjoys her life in NYC.  She came to NY to be a dancer but she changed her career.  Since I met her and worked with her, I started to think of doing a business.
Also friends I worked with were interesting people too.  They are Japanese doing different things from what other Japanese do.  One of them go/went to a school in the U.S..  One of them is an artist.  The other one is doing her MBA in California.  I thought I could still do something like them before I start working.  I thought of going to a fashion school in NY or Tokyo to learn about design, which was a little unrealistic.
For people who want to do a business, China would be the first place to think of.  I thought of it too.
However, it is becoming more difficult for Japanese comapnies to keep doing businesses in China due to the political issues between the two countries.
Chinese people had riots against Japan recently and attacked Japanese factories, shops, and everything related to Japan.  It was huge damages to Japanese companies...
These incidents clearly made me realise that it is no longer a good idea to do a business in China.
I was thinking of something I can do while I make money yesterday after I saw the news about China...  Then I came up with an idea of "fashion and the internet."  The internet enables many things possible.  It is cheap, fast, and global.
Living abroad and seeing different people, society, culture... etc. have shaped myself into who I am now.  I think I have globalized myself in my college although it is in a forest!
Now I started to think of wroking for an internet comapny.
I just hope I can get a job...

I just wrote kind of my biography!
But it is always good to have personal feelings written somewhere.
I try not to forget about these feelings for my dream, future, and life.
September 18th, 2012



A Korean clothing online shop "STYLE NANDA" opened a shop in Hong Dae on the 14th Sep!
I wish I was in Seoul...