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Rinka is a popular Japanese model. 

Surprisingly, she is 38 and gave birth to her son recently.
(Some of the pictures above were taken when she was pregnant.)

The reason why she is so popular among Japanese girls and even women in their 30's
is because she is cute even though she gets older.

You know that Japanese girls love something cute!

I also want to be like her when I become 35.

Personally, I like her stylings very much,
especially when she coordinates clothes with jeans.

This is her blog written in Japanese.


A gift...

I got a gift from my boyfriend...

I really wanted this watch from MARC BY MARC JACOBS!

I never told him I wanted that watch!  NEVER!

I love this watch because it's simple but casual...



A Shopwindow

A window display of U-PLEX in Seoul...

I love the flower heads which make me feel spring.

A shopwindow is an art.

Louis Vuitton




This is a shopwindow of Urban Outfitters in San Francisco, the U.S..

Do you feel like going into this store just by seeing this window display?

A shopwindow has to have a dream.

For those of you who want to see the store,
visit its online shop!



I bought this photography book in Seoul few days ago.
It's composed of all the snap photos of fashionable people in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Seoul, and other cities in Europe.

I like to see photos of fashionable people.
Especially the photo below is really attractive to me....

I had not known that photos of fashionable people I had seen were taken like this by a lot of photographers until I saw this photo....

I wonder how those photographers can take photos of what people really want to see because not all of them seem to be fashionable.

Whenever I see these photos taken on fashion weeks,
I always wonder these fashionable people on photos dress special on every single regular day....

Probably culture is related... because fashion is a part of it.

If you want to see more photographies, you can visit the website below.