My favorite SPA brand (TOPSHOP)

Do you know what does SPA stand for? 

It is Speciality store retailer of Private label Apparel, named by Donald Fisher who founded GAP.
GAP itself is included in SPA and Forever21, H&M, UNIQLO, and ZARA are also SPA brands.
These manufacturers design, produce, deliver, and sell their products by themselves.  

I want to introduce one of my favorite SPA brands here.



LONDON Fashion Week

TOPSHOP is a UK retailing brand.  It is not as much popular as other SPA brands because its business is not so much worldwide compared to the other brands.  The brand offers British casual style and it is unique that it collaborates with Cristopher Kane and Kate Moss!

TOPSHOP gives student 10% discount all round year if they show their school ID at the shops!
They can get the discount online too.  Unfortunately, they don't ship to Japan.

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