There's something about Olsen...

Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen

I used to think being fashionable means wearing various types of clothes.
I have a narrow fondness of what I wear... and I used to feel ashamed of that.

My mom and sister always tell me that I wear boring colored clothes.  And I sometimes feel that I dress a little too much for places I go.  Japanese culture doesn't dress formal often but I like classy, formal, and sometimes a little too much style.  

So I try to think about these points when I go shopping, but I end up buying the similar clothes I already have and I sometimes regret that I bought too much-clothes that would be never worn...
I just cannot help falling in love with them.

But, the today's fashion icons, Olsen twins, keep my fashion mind positive.
They dress too formal and too much sometimes, but seems like they enjoy their fashion to the fullest.  I think that's the most important thing.

So I look at pics of Ashley and MK dressed fur and oversized dresses... as if they are talking to me "Be yourself."

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